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  • Moved the company building to Business Portfolio Gran Seoul, Cheongjin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Received the order for Clean Fuels Project, Kuwait at 4.8 billion dollars (1.6 billion dollars for us)
  • Received the order for Karbala Project, Iraq at 6 billion dollars (2.3 billion dollars for us)


  • Mr. Byeongyong Lim is named 12th CEO of GS E&C
  • Received the order for KLPE Project, Kazakhstan at 3.7 billion dollars (1.4 billion dollars for us)
  • GS INIMA received PIA (Project Innovation Award) from IWA (International Water Association) - Energy Saving Technology using a hydrostatic pressure of desalination
  • Contracted a MOU for sewage treatment facility project of Youngbo City, Hanam Province, China


  • Vision 2020 announced
  • GS E&C launchers the small-sized apartment brand 'Xi-Ella'
  • GS E&C takes over Spain's Inima
  • Admitted into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 3 years in a row & named the global leader in the constrution & material supersector
  • Voted the Most Reliable Corporation 4 years in a row
  • Awarded the Grand Prize of Constrution field in the BIM(Building Information Modeling) Awards 2012


  • Voted the Most Reliable Corporation 3 years in a row
  • Admitted into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, 2years in a row
  • Awarded the first issue prize of the 2011 Korea Sustainability Contest of the Korea Reader's Choice Award


  • Admitted into Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • Announcement of core values for the creation of a new organization culture
  • Selected as the Most Reliable Company 2years in a row
  • Selected as the world's 36th largest constructor by ENR, a global construction weekly based in Europe.


  • 2009 Banpo Xi awarded the Ideal Liveable Apartment during the 13th Presidential Awards
  • 2009 Awarded the Grand Prize for Customer Satisfaction Management during the Global Management Convention
  • 2009 Awarded the Grand Prize for the Private Sector during the Korean Architecture Awards
  • Received the 2009' Most Reliable Korean Corporation Award' hosted by the Korea CEO Association


  • Ground-breaking ceremony for the TBO road in Vietnam
  • Xi Magazine awarded the First Brand Grand Prize, 3 years in a row


  • Named 31st largest construction company among 225 companies by ENR magazine.
  • Awarded the “Golden Tower Award” during the 41st Taxpayer Day Ceremonies.
  • Earns credit ratings from Moody’s and S&P.


  • Named 31st largest construction company among 225 companies by ENR magazine.
  • Awarded the Korean Corporate Finance Innovation Award during the Korean CFO Awards.
  • Earns CMMI level 4, in the field of corporate IT. The First for the construction industry.


  • Corporate name changed to “GS Engineering & Construction Corp.”
  • Xi apartments comes in first in the Korean Service Quality Index
  • Awarded the “Silver Tower Award” for the restoration of the Chonggyechon
  • Awarded the grand prize during the “1st Korean Civil Engineering and Architecture Awards.”


  • Awarded the “2004 Environmental Management Award”
  • Awarded “Best Corporate Management Structure” by the Korea Stock Exchange
  • ‘Xi’ awarded the No.1 brand in the 2004 consumer Well Being Awards


  • Vision 2010 announced
  • Total market value reaches 1trillion won
  • Enters the nuclear powerplant business by being awarded construction of the “Shinwolsung Nuclear Powerplant No.1 and 2.
  • Enactment of “Corporate Management Structure Oath”


  • Mr. Chang Soo Hur named Chairman
  • Mr. Kab Ryul Kim is named 10th CEO of LG E&C
  • Awarded “Best Environmental Preservation Award” during the “1st Korea Remodeling Awards.”
  • Awarded the Presidential Award during “Housing & Construction Day.”
  • The Korea Strategic Culture Center awarded the ‘Seoul Metropolitan City Architecture Award”
  • Awarded “Best Corporate Management Structure” by the Korea Stock Exchange.
  • LG E&C launchers the new apartment brand ‘Xi’


  • Selected as the Best Corporation in Management Structure by the Korean Stock Exchange.
  • Apartment awarded the “Hit Product of the Second Half” by Daehan Daily.
  • Awarded the best prize for corporate PR during the Worldwide Advertisement Awards.


  • “BIO-NET” sewage treatment method designated new technology by the Ministry of Construction and Transport.
  • Seohae Grand Beidge awarded the Presidential Citation


  • Moved the company building to Business Portfolio LG Construction and LG Engineering merges to become LG Engineering and Construction Corp- Awarded the “Best IPO Prize” by the Korea Stock Exchange.


  • Min Soo-Ki is named the 9th CEO.
  • “Koryo Forimer Bldg.” awarded the “98 Korea Architecture Awards.”
  • LG-HP SUNFLOWER INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE awarded the Vietnam Haiphong People Committee Award.
  • Named one of the top 30 corporations in the ‘2nd Corporate Information Literacy Awards’ sponsored by the ministry of information and Communication


  • “LG Chemical Daeduck institution building” is awarded a grand prize of “Korea Construction Culture.”
  • Awarded six awards during the “97 Construction Management Awards” held by the Korea Management Association.


  • Declaration of “Leap 2005”
  • “Suwon LG Village” selected “Hit Product of the First Half of “96” by Seoul Shinmun
  • Accredited ISO 14001 for environmental management system


  • Company name changed to LG Construction
  • Declared start of “Creation of new construction culture.”
  • Creates Supervision Team, the first for the industry.


  • Accredited ISO 98001 for international quality management
  • Gains KT(Korean new technology) Mark for “Korean Small/Mid Sized City Waste Incineration System.”
  • Sins MOU with China Construction Corp.


  • Accredited in construction of nuclear power plant by ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
  • Lucky Thai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. established.


  • Gains patent for mobile partition device for construction of variable walls.
  • Selected as No. 1 among 30 construction companies in the field of disaster prevention


  • Gains construction license in Japan
  • Awarded best taxpayer during the “91st Tax Day”


  • Participation in the Soviet Union Development Project
  • Establishment of the Construction Technology Research Center


  • Lucky Development Saipan Inc. established
  • Vision for the 21st century, “No. 1 developer” “International Contractor” unveiled.


  • Start of construction of the Luck Goldstar North America Headquarters
  • Completion of the Iman University Sports Center
  • Company moves to Yeokjeon Building


  • Completion of the Lucky Goldstar Twin Tower


  • Completion of the Lucky Dongrae Apartment


  • Lucky Development International Inc.(U.S.) established


  • Joint venture company Lucky Development (Arabia) Ltd, established


  • Becomes a public company.


  • Merged with Lucky Overseas Construction Corp
  • Designated as Housing Contractor by the Ministry of Construction


  • Established Lucky International Construction Co.


  • Company name changed to Lucky Development Co.


  • Lackhee Development Co. (LDC) incorporated as the construction arm of Lucky-Goldstar Group.