GS E & C

Why Us?


People First

Great Vision, without great people, is an unrealizable imagination.
The growth and success of our organization lies not only in our procedures or service, but in it’s most crucial human resources, the people. Our ability to harness best of our people has been the secret behind the remarkable growth stories so far.

Our organization is the congregation of value adding peoples and these people are seen as investments by leaders & financial stakeholder. Hence at GS it is utmost important to take special care to ensure the wellbeing, happiness and satisfaction of all employees.



“Men, not Machines, change the world”
At GS, all gamuts of learning & development strategies aim at consistently enhancing productive responsiveness of organization to meet skill gap challenges posed by dynamic EPC business environment, hence retaining & developing the best technical & managerial talent remains the core concern of the management.

After years of continuous improvement, we have developed a well structured Learning and Development system that is incessantly being fostered by well designed training courses, passionate training team & state of art training facilities. Our meticulously crafted technical & behavioral training courses ensure functional & leadership capability development of our valuable human resource.